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Positive Innovation, Positive Disruption,
Positive Voices.

Teacher Hug is an online talk radio station for the education community. Together, we unite teachers, leaders, disruptors and innovators. This is radio that is buzzing with ideas, one that supports, nurtures and evolves our teaching practice and enhances our teaching careers.
Teacher Hug is proud to be driven by inclusive values that ensure we fairly connect and represent our education community. We are honoured to share the voices and hold the ears of the remarkable people that protect, shape and serve our future generation


At Teacher Hug we strive to do no harm and welcome people into both our conversation and our community with kindness. We commit to being continually aware of the impact our words and images have on the lives of others and on the occasions we do get things wrong we will listen to the concerns of our audience with sincerity and offer remedy and genuine regret with genuine compassion and candour.


Teacher Hug Radio is deliberately inclusive and reflects the diversity of the communities it serves. We commit to giving those at the margins of society a voice and respectively embrace challenging conversation and debate to ensure that we are inclusive as a community and empower all those within it to improve diversity and inclusion in their educational settings and workplace environments.

Positive Voices

The voice of the Teacher Hug community is a positive one, celebrating everyone within the education community. We embrace nuanced debate, representative conversation and innovations that promote and celebrate the very best of the teaching profession.


At the heart of all we do is trust, transparency and honesty. This level of integrity unites us as individuals and extends to every decision we make.

Anti Racism

Teacher Hug is committed to being an anti-racist organisation. We do not accept racism or discriminatory behaviour. We are committed to challenging and dismantling structural racism within our practices, policies, procedures and audience. We are committed to ensuring that Teacher Hug Radio is an anti-racist working environment.
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