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With Toria Bono

Join Toria as she gets in her time machine and takes her special guests on a trip back through time to explore their origins and discover the lives that lie behind the big names in education.




Toria is a primary teacher who is passionate about giving children the very best learning experiences that she can.  Over the last twenty years, she has gained a wealth of experience with the many roles she has undertaken across the primary sector. She is currently a Year 4 class teacher, a  Primary Evidence Lead Educator and a Reading Leader for an OU/UKLA reading group.  In June 2020, she was made a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching – an achievement that she is very proud of.

She believes strongly in equity for all, empowering others and the power of collaboration. Due to this, Toria created #TinyVoiceTalks on Twitter specifically for educators to find their voice and connect with others. Each Tuesday, educators, authors, illustrators and many others (from all around the world) connect through this hashtag. They share ideas, offer support and learn from each other – Toria believes

“We all have a voice but only by listening to each other and working together can we make a difference. I really do believe that together we can change the future for our children and the future generations.”

Toria loves to write and began a blog in January 2020 – Teaching Others and Learning All the Time. She finds writing a wonderful outlet for her creativity and has supported others in developing their creative voice too through blogging webinars. She loves reading others thoughts and learning from them.

In August 2020, she started a podcast ‘Tiny Voice Talks’ as another way to get the quieter educational voices heard. She has interviewed educators from all across the globe – some quieter and some louder voices – but all have had a story to tell. 

When she is not doing all of the above, you will find her reading, watching films and (although she hates to admit it) she does like a bit of reality T.V.! She also loves to walk and feels very lucky to live between the sea and the hills – meaning that there are always fantastic places to walk nearby. Her favourite thing to do though is just hanging out with her husband, daughter and two cats doing nothing in particular – just being! 

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